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UrbanLoad.com : How We Work

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Lets Get Started ...

Resellers receive free shipping worldwide on all products drop shipped by us.

Sell worldwide on eBay or your website and keep shipping fees collected as profit!

On average, our Powersellers make an net profit of US$2400 per month. Take a look at our products and do some "investigative work" on eBay and you'll be surprised at the profit margins our powersellers are making!

If you notice any identical sites to Urbanload, please don't be confused. These are our SuperVIP account holders belonging to our company.

The only difference is Urbanload ships from Compton,US. That means your customers in US or UK will get their items much faster.

Selling Made Easy ...

That being said, selling with us is made very simple. The low prices you see listed here is all you pay. Start your 30 day free trial as a reseller and receive a free mousepad (free shipping). This is a free gift for you to see our quality print items and packaging. Register and subscribe today.

Thomas Griffin Urbanload

Urbanload is founded by Thomas Griffin

My name is Thomas and I am eBay Powerseller and the founder of www.Urbanload.com.

If you're looking to purchase customizable products at wholesale prices or you're looking at to startup a lucrative online business reselling our items, this service would be perfect for you.

Our top eBay sellers make at least $5000 per month just dropshipping our products! Do some investigative work on eBay & see for yourself.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

I contribute regularly to wholesale and trade publications and has been a featured presenter on LiveTrade shows. I am also a regular featured expert contributor for the renowned "American Chronicle" online magazine, writing many articles on various business related topics. You can read about my articles by subscribing to the free reports.

I am also an expert contributor for EzineArticles under the "Home Business" category. Do a search at the mentioned sites and check out all my articles.

My Personal Guarantee To You

I founded Urbanload.com in 2006 as I was sick of wholesale services that charged sky high prices and gouged on excessive shipping charges. At Urbanload, we seek to redefine the negative mindset that has affected "Dropshipping" businesses.

I guarantee to you that our products are manufactured to the highest quality, and still offer the LOWEST PRICE anywhere on the market (including free shipping for resellers!). Once you order you will understand exactly why each and every single one of them is worth every single penny you paid and more, guaranteed.

Try it free for 30 days. If you don't absolutely feel it was worth; if you honestly think that you can't make a single profit reselling our items, just cancel your subscription anytime. You'll be one of the rare few. You can also keep the free mousepad you order. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

So What Exactly Does Urbanload Offer Me?

In a nutshell, Urbanload is an online marketplace that allow sellers and buyers to create, buy, and sell a wide variety of unique designs of products. We also offer drop shipping, which is a type of selling in which the eBay sellers do not keep products in stock, but instead passes buyer's order and shipment details to us for delivery to the buyers directly.

Start Selling on eBay

Selling is easy! Add images to any of our products. Our system will generate a exact sample images of our created item witch is saved in your account. You will then use this image to place in eBay listings. After your listing is sold, collect payment from your buyer and then log into your UrbanLoad account and place an order. We will send this item to your customer in a timely manner.

You can add messages or customize your parcel invoices. UrbanLoad will totally be hidden and your customer will be yours forever.

Items You Can Sell

We sell quality customizable items form t-shirts to Clocks to license plates. Click on
Wholesale Products to see all items - For our reseller(selling on eBay) see the Price List. We are continually adding new products to our service witch you can sell for great profits on eBay and your website.

HOT TIP : Many of our members are earning large profits selling our t-shirts on eBay. The online marketplace for custom and creative t-shirts is huge and growing! There are thousands of custom t-shirt ideas that can make you money. Remember, you'll get FREE Shipping for any order from us!

Where Are We Available?

We are available Worldwide. As long as you have access to the internet and have a PayPal account. That's all you need to start selling. You can set up an subscription with us and start selling right away!

How Do I Set Up A Subscription?

To subscribe to our reseller or vip store program. Register as a reseller account.

If you have registered as a Free Account, click the "Create new store" button in main menu. After you create a new store go to all stores in "store menu" and select upgrade to "Reseller" or "Vip Store" (the yellow button on the right side). This will direct you to paypal where you can set up an subscription with us through paypal. Your 30 days trial will then begin. You will not be charge any money until after the full 30 days. You can opt to cancel at anytime.

After you subscription is setup, Check "service status" link in store menu. This will display the status of your subscription. Your status should read "Active". Now you will be ready to start selling on eBay or your new online store. To place an reseller order, go to the "Bulk order" section or your store menu.

Do You Have Any Step-By-Step Guide?

We have flash videos available to guide you along the way once you register for a reseller account. It is fairly easy and it will not take more than 15 minutes to get started. See a sample Flash video on how to place and order.

Here are the flash demo videos to show you how to place reseller drop shipping orders:

  • Reseller-01, How to get a FREE personalized mousepad exclusive offer for resellers? The coupon code for FREE mousepads was shown inside this demo.
  • Reseller-02, How to place Reseller Bulk Order (multiple addresses)?
  • Reseller-03, How to get our dropship system and eBay/Paypal processing faster?
  • Reseller-04, How to add different sections and sub-sections?
  • Reseller-05, How to add some certain products into certain sections?
  • Reseller-06, How to move products from A Section to B Section?
  • Reseller-07, How to do BULK ADD products to your store?
  • Reseller-08, How to customize the invoice header and footer

Free Web Stores & VIP Domain Stores

Free Web Stores
The name says it all. It is a free-of-charge, risk-free and easy store to start with. Creating and selling over 200 different products cannot be easier.

Unlimited Sections, unlimited designs, with over 100 custom website templates to choose from. You can mark-up prices to create your own profit margin. Sell products in our website marketplace or in your website store. Your free store would be something like : http://www.urbanload.com/youridhere

VIP Domain Stores
If you are starting you own business and serious about making money, VIP Store is right choice for you. If you do not want a sub-store and are looking to have your own domain store, you'll be pleased to know with the VIP store, your visitors will be yours forever. This is an additional subscription to your "Reseller Subscription"

If they are satisfied with your product designs, they will definitely re-order from your domain stores again and they will NEVER be redirected back to UrbanLoad.com. Here are three examples of Vip stores: InstantlyPersonalized.com , DesignMonaco.com and MyDogWatches.com

To Your Success,

Urbanload Signature

Register and subscribe today and start making money from home. -Get Free Shipping Worldwide!

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