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Frequently Asked Questions:

For a more detailed overview of what Urbanload offers, please see "How Does It Work?"

1. Will I be able to stock your products on my eBay store and my own website?

Ans: Yes, you can resell our products on any online platform (eBay, Yahoo, Overstock, Amazon). If you have a brick and mortar shop, we welcome import/export inquiries as well

2. What are the charges that I am required to pay?

Ans: The first month is you sign up for UrbanLoad.com is free. We also provide with you a free customized mousepad upon registration. The reseller prices listed are "NETT" prices. Shipping is FREE and there are NO hidden charges. We only charge a small sum of US$19.95 each month after the first. This covers all the shipping and handling costs that we incur.

Our top sellers on eBay covers this cost in 3 sales alone! Take a look at their profit margins to see for yourself. In the unfortunate event that you wish to cancel your account within the first month, you can simply cancel the PayPal payment subscription. Do try out our service, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do I sell the eBay items at Urbanload? How do I connect Urbanload and eBay services?

Ans: Urbanload runs independently from eBay. You need to create and customize your item at Urbanload. Thereafter, we'll provide you with the images and description. You will need to sell it on eBay separately with the help of our images and description.

See the Case Studies of Powersellers to check out their listings. After the sale is completed, login to Urbanload and place a bulk order form. We'll dropship the item to your customer to any destination for free. (only if you have a reseller account with us)

When I list an item on eBay, let's just say one of your t-shirts, and I list the shirt for $10- do you actually dropship one shirt at a time to customers?

Ans: All our items are dropshipped for free. All you have to do is to enter the address required to be shipped at our system. We have a logistics team that will ship the item to your customer. If there is more than 1 item of a similar type to the same address, we'll ship them in a single package.

However, for varied items in lots, (eg: 2 large clocks, 1 pack of buttons, tshirts, usb drivesetc) we may have to do 2 shipments as certain items are fragile and it is not meant as a single shipment. (we do not want to mix large clocks with mugs!) We exercise our own judgement with regards to this but be assured that all decisions are made with the customer in mind :>

5. What do I do about shipping charges? What would I put for shipping charges on the above (hypothetical) shirt? Normally a shirt would cost about $4.00 to mail. Would I put this amount on eBay?

Ans: You can put any amount in your shipping price. These are all profits to you. For eg: A black leather watch (one of our most popular items) is sold for $6.99. You can sell it for $12.95 with your own design with a shipping cost of $4.00. That means, your total net profit is 12.95 + 4.00 - 6.99 which gives you a total net profit of US$9.96!

You can look at our case studies to see what our other resellers are selling on eBay and their profit margins here. We have had sellers earning as much as 300% on profit margins


6. I have had bad experiences with dropshippers. The charges got too high, and quite a high percentage of the merchandise was arriving damaged. Why should I try UrbanLoad.com?

Ans: We understand that there are quite a few dropshippers out there with pretty bad prices and poor handling. UrbanLoad is trying to change the bad image of dropshipping and the negativity associated with it. That is why after signing up for your reseller account, we will be pleased to inform you are entitled to customize a free mouspad.

We even dropship it to any address for free too (you can send it to yourself) This will give you a good feel of how our system works and the lead shipping time.

For a more detailed overview of what Urbanload offers, please see "How Does It Work?"

If you have further queries, please contact us at support [at] urbanload.com. All emails are answered with 24 hours and we look forward to be of assistance.

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