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How To Get Started
When you subscribe to our Drop Shipping Reseller Program, your unique login email identifies you as a reseller in our database. By logging into our website with this login email, you will be able to use our reseller Bulk Order Form. It allows you to take advantage of the discounted pricing, and to enables faster order processing. You need to upload your own images to the file manager and create a store ID in order to add your own images into the products listed. You can also define the product code, in order to match your own needs. If this all sounds too complicated, we have provided step by step videos once you have signed up for the program. It only takes about 3 minutes to place your first order. (the free mousepad you are entitled to)
Once finished these steps, you can start reselling your own personalized products in eBay, Yahoo Auctions, Amazon or even in your website. After your buyers have purchased the products from you and completed the payment, all you need to do is to use Bulk Order Form to fill in your buyer's shipping address, and order details (the product code you defined). We will dropship it directly to your buyer.
That is all.
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